Ventilator Movie Review: Masterpiece from Rajesh Mapuskar

Movie Review : Ventilator

Now Ventilator is surely going to be one of the biggest box office hits of the year as far as Marathi cinema is concerned and if not it has already entered my best movie of the year and all times till date.

One more fine piece of art movie from Marathi cinema stables, technically super perfect, great back ground score, cast stalwarts of Marathi cinema and theater, WOW!! Script and a director who can tell the story as if it is your own.

Without disclosing further details it has simple storyline of Gajju Kaka being put on ventilator and the events that follow. There are characters you can surely identify with and there must at least one of the kind in the your own family.

Now what’s this review doing on Better, Wiser, Stronger……..well there are some key take always from the movie I present here as this is a must watch for anyone who looks forward to widen his horizon and understanding .

  1. Keep your mind open but even more importantly keep your heart open

You find many quotes on internet about keeping your mind open, accepting new ideas and ways of doing it but what about the heart? How much we keep it open? Open to strangers and even more importantly to our blood relatives, our very own parents

  1. Be a little more sensitive when the old man in your family is on death bed

Now everyone has to die, you ,me ,our parents, someday we got  to  face the death of our parents or grandparents if you haven’t yet but what I have personally experienced is that there is a certain kind of aloofness when it come to the old man dying, it’s as if better the sooner it happens .The memories, the effort that guy took for us be it playing with us, teaching us to walk, to cycle, to read , to become a good man we forget it all.

  1. Forgive

Growing up is tough and there are bound to be issues with our parents. Something, somewhere they said, they did which bothers us till date. Not everyone is a trained parent maybe there is no such training and there are doubts as how much that training can actually provide given the vastness of human behavior and nature. Here we have to decide that when we say goodbye to the old man should we say it with memories of those itchy moments or those things they did for us which make us stand today.

  1. Taste all flavors of life

Not everybody is same, neither are our circumstances , there are moments we cry, we laugh, get tensed, get enthusiastic, get anxious, get nostalgic . Let’s pass through them with peace in our heart and serenity in our mind.

This movie made me laugh like I have never since many days and  made me about to cry ( though I didn’t ,kind of choked but) . SUPER  DUPER mast and must watch movie . The above are my take ways do watch the movie and let me know yours.

Watch the Tailor here:-