To feel or not to feel?

We live through life…turbulent times…our hearts get shattered ,broken and stoop.

We trust,get stabbed right into the heart, pierced our every vein. 

Then we decide to built a solid steel wall around our heart. To protect us from anyone ,anything that tries to blow it off.

We stop to feel.

And then we grow shallower and shallower, our life hollower and hollower. 

Dehumanizing it is.

What’s the answer should we live free of pain and pleasure or live through life taking all the stabs on our hearts?

The answer lies in not avoiding feelings but feeling deep, the deeper we shall feel ,lesser shall the strong currents of emotions will perturb us.

For waves exist stronger only on the surface of the sea, deep within the sea is always calm at peace ,unconquered yet with all the  waves.

Nandan and Abhinav