Our Team

We are a close knit team of young revolutionaries with diverse career backgrounds and one motto of making this world a better place one word at a time.

Founder & Editor

Nandan is a Lawyer and Chartered Accountant by qualification , he is practicing as an Advocate at Vadodara ,a student of life, writer, poet, trekker, explorer , lover of wisdom , fitness enthusiast and your fellow traveler.

Content Creator

Abhinav is an engineer by education, a soldier in Indian Para Forces by profession and inquisitive by heart.He likes to do adventurous stuff and revers human ingenuity . New inventions, designs and human creativity spikes his interests.

Content Creator

Takshil is one of our first contributors. A business analyst by profession, he counts his character to be his biggest strength, loves to travel, talk and write about business and business of life.