On quiet confidence

The world needs men who are sure of themselves.

 Believe that they can bring  the change and get things done.

The world may like the meek, applaud them,promote them ,nurture them but they love the man who is damn sure of himself ,the guy with the damn confident attitude. Confident men also score high on women.

It’s not only confined to women but also to the mankind in general. We need people who will pull us out of the miseries of constant doubt. Who will lead us in the journey from uncertainty to certainty.

That’s why history has shown leaders .the ones whom millions followed and still follow even after their death.

That’s true manliness ,That’s the true leadership all about.

Now the question is how can I be sure of myself ?

How I can be confident like forever in face of constant uncertainty and doubt?

We can be confident in one thing and a laggard in another,is it possible to be confident in all ,at all times?

The answer lies in action.

Having doubts is not a sign of not being confident ,everyone has doubts and they are a constant.

The real understanding lies in knowing that we must transcend doubt and act to achieve  the objective.

Taking actions,taking risks,accepting pain,to keep moving forward and eventually the storm will clear out,hard times will pass,mountains will be crossed.

Experience will teach us all.All we need is a little patience and a little pain,all for the long term gain.

It is not necessary to be strong but to feel strong.

For what lies beyond miles away can only be seen when we go and see beyond those miles.

That is the sign of the true quiet confidence.