When Life happens!! Revelations on adulthood

Childhood fantasies come to an abrupt end with the beginning of adulthood, The fiery dreams give way to constant self-doubt.
But is adulthood the sad truth of life which we all must accept ?
Is it the time to be hero of your own story?
Here is an essay on understanding the true meaning of adulthood by one of our contributors who wishes to keep her name anonymous.
“Yes, I had it all figured out. My priorities. My dreams. My goals. My passion. Everything. But this was when I was 18. Then real life happened.
When you are lucky enough, your childhood is some kind of fantasy world that makes you believe in happy endings and good people and all the cliches that you keep hearing everywhere. I had this idea of the world being a happy place, friendly and helpful for those who are new and have to find their own way.
On a lot of levels I was ready to be surprised, but that was for the good kind. Not shocks. Disappointment. Heartbreak.
You learn to trust and that makes you learn not to trust the wrong ones. But how to differentiate between the right and the wrong?
Isn’t everyone around you wearing a facade?
I got deceived, used, cheated, crushed and the worst of all was, it all made me feel like I was the crazy one.
The feeling when you don’t have any faith left in yourself, when the turn of events send you in a mode of self-doubt is kind of when you hit the rock bottom.
You try to find that one shred of hope, something to cling on, so that you can surpass this and come back to the shore but the bad experiences keep you pulling back. At this point you are scared of even yourself.

This is the point when you have to remember that in all those cliches and fairy tales, there were happy endings because somebody somewhere never gave up.
You have to find that tiniest bit of confidence or self-worth you have in there somewhere to swim back through all those tides. These hurdles were the tests you had to take to achieve everything you had in mind when you set out on this journey. Keep that head high, you were learning in all this.
So the next time you have a situation where you face “them”, you gotta take all your lessons and teach them who is the boss.
God has it all planned, you just have to walk through all of it to reach that peak he thinks you always deserved. “