How to keep the child in us Alive

child_swingingHow to keep the child in us alive…………Yesterday I was kind of feeling stressed and anxious as what I am to do for the future? What way I take to make my life interesting, earn a living doing it, at the same time be well paid and not merely exist?  As I am on my notice period, looking for  more  gainful  and  fulfilling  employment.

In fact these thoughts have been running in my mind for quite some time. It’s time to take a decision, to move forward………but I said wait a second bro!! I am kind of so stressed up, so anxious, so puzzled it’s as if I am being sucked out  of my life juice  All paths I wish to take somehow seem trivial and not the divine mission kind of thing.

Now it is really important that I need to take a firm decision and begin somewhere but somehow or anyhow this is not what I want, in the process of seeking my peace and joy I am actually loosing it.

I may or may not have my answers yet but I must have my peace.

This took me back to thinking when was the last time I was really happy, when I felt the exhilaration of wonder, for a considerable longer period of time and in frequent intervals?

The answer seemed obvious –as a child!! Most of us will agree that as children we are really joyous beings, happy, carefree and relaxed.

What has changed NOW?!!

In fact I am stronger, independent, rational, in better health (as a child I faced frequent bouts of asthma) than before. So what is going wrong??

Looking for answers here I found some to keep the child in us alive:

1.  Stop looking for complete security

As a Child we were much less secure, our life was subject to whims and fancies of our parents, our teachers, the schooling systems and if any of these goes wrong then alone it would have been really a tough time for us to even survive. Yet we kind of felt secure even though that was an illusion. Now think about it… is still an illusion!! It will always be. Still many many many things can go wrong with best of our efforts to prevent it.

So stop pursuing it and looking for ways to make us completely secure for it shall never happen and in its pursuit a 100 lifetimes would too seem short.

2. Keep Faith

As children the illusion of security came from the assurance of our parent’s love, now we may doubt the security they can provide for us but let’s remember and trust our faith in a mighty force beyond our understanding which is always taking our care and in whose hands we lie safe. So relax, breathe and act.

3. Dream crazy and act on them.

As a child I had real crazy dreams like…….becoming a superhero, learning to fly, climbing Everest,  fighting crime, fighting pollution, changing the world now somehow all these seem kind of crazy. It feels maybe I should just earn my bucks and live a quiet living. Though this sounds good it kind of robs me of my enthusiasm.

So let’s give it a try to the crazy dreams we had as a child and act on them.

4. Forgive and Forget

Now this was one thing which distinguished us as a child, our parents scolded, a friend ditched, the teacher shouted but somehow we kind of used to forgive them or at least not carry it with us for very long as we do now.

So let’s try to forgive if not then at least not carry those insulting and humiliating words with us throughout life. Do this not for the sake of our offender but for our own peace.

4. Nurture relationships with our relatives and friends

Remember that aunt’s place you always ached to go in vacations, the gifts your uncle brought, your cousins with whom you spent holidays playing with and got nostalgic when they left for their homes in other cities.

Well it’s not really possible to meet them frequently as before but we can like give a call to our cousin or uncle once a week, send them gifts on their birthday and maybe a road trip to strengthen those withering ties if we really want to do that.

5. See things as you see them for the first time

As children we saw many of the things for the first time or we had not seen of them much. The open sky filled with clouds which seemed like art pieces, deep blue seas, the quiet beach, majestic mountains !! All of them held us in wonder . They still do but very less kind of we take them for granted.

Lets try to unshackle our former selves and dwell in the majestic and splendor of richness and beauty nature provides us with.

6. Get Social

We used to school,play with the neighbourhood kids stay with so many people same age as our. Growing up I certainly feel that we grow more and more aloof . The only people we meet is at either at our office where the relationship is restricted or at home where nuclear families restrict  our interaction with only two or three people.

SO next time you return home from office , have a small talk with your neighbor, join social or hobby club. Lets join and build strongly netted communities again.

Saying this I don’t endorse that we completely leave our rational and reasonable self behind. All I say is that if our reason is the ruder of our ship then emotions are its sail. Emotions are at their best, purest when of a child. Passing of time ads on us layers of dust so let’s clean them and shine the divine self within again.