How to think what you want to think

What we  think creates our reality that’s a truth stated and affirmed by self development guru’s and seers.

Now the question is,how to think what you think or how to think what you want to think because that’s a very important question often unanswered or left to the wonder of the seekers.

So let’s get set go and see how much we can reveal for ourselves .

Step 1. Hear the inner voice

There is this internal monologue going on within us, this is what we may call as “ thinking about”. It is going on constantly and many a times we are totally unaware of it.

Now it’s very difficult to be constantly aware of your inner voice but it’s important that we know in  general, what direction it is taking. Like . . . is it cheerful, realistic, optimistic pessimistic, motivating,demotivating, ?  

The inner voice differs according to your mood and situations.

Keeping a check will make us more aware of ourselves and give us a better self assessment.


Step2: Choose the voice you want to hear in your head or what you want to think

Now we know what we are thinking.. and it’s time to decide what we want to be , what we want to hear, what kind of conversation we want  with ourselves?

It’s basically deciding upon what kind of person we want to become. This is an important step, for at times we really have not put in much of thought to what kind of person we want to be.

As far as career or education is concerned we have a pretty good idea to it but what kind of person we want to be is left much to the fate and unthought about..

So let’s say I want to be more brave, to be more assertive, to be more in control of myself, friendly yet cautious. More enthusiastic,cheerful,sensible,,witty or strong.

Make a list of what kind of a person we would like to be. To start with we can begin with what’s lacking. Like, I am bad at saying no or get swayed into a talk then I should add assertiveness and firmness as a virtue to my list.

Let’s have our own personal list “to add virtue” covering which we would be nothing less than a superman himself.

Step 3. Watch over the input

We pick up this voice from a lot of places and it is not always ours, it kind of rubs us off from a lot of things that we are exposed to.

Keep a close watch on what all is going inside your head. The books, articles you read on social media.( blogs, articles, whats app messages, facebook posts we are reading.)

Movies and You Tube videos we watch ( checking you tube history would be helpful), Music we are listening (especially the genre of lyrics you listening to the most ) .

The conversations we are having with our friends, and the topics we talk on.

Now we shall have a better insight of what is making us what we are.

Step 4.  Change the input.

We don’t need to shut all the things we are doing in the Step 3 and live a life of isolation, all we need to do is change the things we do.

So watch Inspirational,meaningful or  funny videos for a change

read healthy literature articles that don’t dump our mind with unnecessary information and thoughts.

leave whats app groups which keep on jamming your phone with unnecessary information

listen to music with more cheerful,sensible and soothing lyrics.

Have friends who are good for us and grounded.

A very important whing with friends is lets say if I want to more brave or smarter….all I should do is stay with people who are smarter and stronger than me, their virtue is surely going to sink in.

At times it’s really difficult to get rid an old friend who continuously brings worthless topics on the table.

In this case we can take the charge and have topics which are  interesting and at the same time uplifting. Find some good thing that your friend is passionate about.

Like a friend of mine he has a big list of worthless topics but very passionate of business strategy and personal finance,

so whenever we meet I steer the conversation to that topic and at the end of the day I enrich myself.

Never ever use cuss words because they kind of become part of our brains language

you have them in our inner monologue and that’s really not healthy habit for a healthy mind in the long  run, kind off makes us sick.

-By heart an inspiring poem( If, dessereta),a prayer, shlokas,mantras,chants, a inspiring quote, a short para( Man in the arena), or a song for hope.

It’s been my practice to learn one line of a poem or a song or a prayer, have been pretty consistent about it and have benefitted greatly by this practice. Over a period of time I have a consoling line for every personal crises I face, it’s still tough but It  makes me more resilient to face the day.

-Put up positive posters and images the wall, on the table,  closet,  can get a nice quote or image of your ideal  tattooed , just as a reminder for us to be noble soul.

-Expose yourself to new ideas, attend seminars, festivals, travel the globe, talk to new people. , join a hobby class .Keeping life interesting will give you fresh juice of energy.

Step 5: Keep hustling & Keep patience

All our good work is going to pay rich dividends for sure. It tooks years to form the not so good patterns of thinking and it is going to take time though only very little if we are consistent on our efforts . So keep patient and keep hustling.

You might face failures but at least you will be trying.

Yes, There will be failing and they will be for sure but they shall be only there if we strive.

And don’t forget to keep your peace :

“all those who act must stay calm and all those who are calm must act.”

*In case of doubt repeat the steps again and again and again.

Please let us know your views, suggestions and opinions in the comments below.

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