How to overcome odds in life?

Man’s prosperity has reached heights that were ever known in history of mankind ever yet he remains gripped by anxiety, depression, lethargy, lack of motivation grip our times

In the era of instant gratification where almost everything is available at click of a button why do we we feel so disconnected, so empty and broken.

What is the secret source of wisdom to get cured of this disease?

And that secret source of wisdom is ….history!!

Our ancestors left us a treasure house of wisdom in form of history.

Though it is boring to most and serves more as a lullaby but it’s utility is beyond measures

History will always be relevant because human nature since the ages is basically the same

We still eat, pray, sleep, love, lust and feel emotions.

We have not changed since thousands of years though may have left the jungle for the city but we have just traded wood for concrete.

So if we look at history and look at the legends and ask

What is that one single quality that comes up every time across thousands of year?


Persistence is like a tone in music which you can find in every song no matter which.

Greece or China or India.

Ancient, medieval or the modern age.

Whether the battle was fought with swords on fields or in air with planes or on high seas with ships.

Examples of persistence can be seen throughout history.

Changez Khan was orphaned when he was 9, sold into slavery , abused mistreated all his teenage life.

His wife was taken away from him on their wedding night and abused by his enemies ,his mother killed in the attack and again he had to return to slavery , his best and only childhood friend betrayed him and tried to take his life.

And yet He emerged from this torture, tragedy and abuse and rose to be the most dreaded man on Earth, a general par excellence and the ruler  of the largest contiguous empire the world never saw until the British empire rose hundreds of years later.

Chanakya a pitiful, physically weak scholar single handedly dismantled an entire empire and defeated the armies of Alexander and brought Gandhara under Indian rule.

George Washington faced lack of men and money, a conspiracy by his own countrymen and fellow officers to oust him from the army, betrayal by his most trusted and able general and innumerable defeats and yet he went on to defeat the Greatest Empire the world had ever seen only through ragtag country men who did some hunting as a pastime.

Many more such examples are available to us in battles and in personal lives who suffered unnerving tragedies

and yet emerged from it stronger than ever.

The one thing that is common between them all is that

They never stopped believing

… they never gave up

…. they had faith in God or their ability or whatever, they knew that this was not the end , this is not where they had to stop … they kept going ..

This is the mantra of success;

This is the mantra of winning.

Winning is very simple it is very easy.

Just keep going …  if you tell a person that you can break a rock with some water he will laugh at you and yet the deepest valleys and gorges in the mighty Himalayas have been carved by humble rivers…

So my friend if you want to win just keeps flowing like the river ….

“Persistence overcomes all odds.”

About the contributor

Abhinav is an engineer by education, a soldier in Indian Para Forces by profession and inquisitive by heart.He likes to adventurous stuff and revers human ingenuity . New inventions, designs and human creativity spikes his interests.

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