How to get over failure ?

Yesterday I was so tired that I needed energy so I decided to have a cup of coffee.  It was black coffee so I took mug of water and boiled it , added sugar and coffee to it but sadly I failed to make perfect coffee as I had desired.

Ooopppssss I failed in such a small thing like making coffee, shiiitt man!!!

What about the big things in life!!

I am equally messed up in them too!!

What I m up to?? Will this society accept me? Will I become failure for my parents and so on…..

We take the word failure word so negatively, ins’t it??!!! According to Cambridge English dictionary failure means “not to be successful in achieving your goal or target”.

Its dictionary meaning but meaning of failure varies from person to person. Actually its subjective term.

So if u ask me the meaning, I would say failure means not performing up to the mark.

But the truth is, failure is not that negative word as we think rather its indication that its stepping stone for success.

It means that you have come out of your comfort zone and try to do something different.

Being an optimistic person I try to see positive in everything, so when I failed I started seeing it differently. When I failed there were two options with me either I could make it or break myself.

So I had to calm down myself and start observing things and what I got from it is this, failure can give u lot of positive things. Lets take positive from it and fly towards success.  

Here are 7 ways to face failure effectively. 

1. Observing nano things

Once we fail at something we get disappointed.

We stop doing that stuff itself and try to do something else so all our hard work and time we invested in that is waste.

Actually what we should do is to observe nano things and peculiar details and try to find out mistakes.

There is only way out to success is observe things, get our mistakes and work on it in order to improve it.

2. Being patient

Failure teaches us to be patient till we reach our goals.

Some time it happens, we work hard, give our 200% still success doesn’t like to meet us, then we need to wait and work till the next time we achieve your goals.

We think by doing this we’ll definitely achieve but destiny has other plans and we may have to still be patient for the next time.

We definitely need to work but also to be patient.

3.Scope of improvement

Sometimes we think that we know everything in entire universe.We master every dam thing in the world and then we suddenly fail.

Ohhh mannn!!!! I failed at such a puny thing….!!!

But what failure teaches to follow down to earth approach.

It teaches us to always have learning attitude.

We have to keep in mind that there is always scope of improvement in what we do. Though we achieve our , we can always seek improvement in what we are doing.

Target should always on improving ourselves.

Have I improved than what I was yesterday??!!!

4. Recognizing people

Not only me but all of you have experienced that when we fail very few will be with us.

Everyone like to be with successful person so definitely when we fail our 90% of friends and people around us, won’t be around

So guys all thanks to this negative word, it have taught us to recognize people. When we are down only closed friends and our parents will support us and trust me these are the people true to us. These are people who shows us mirror ,so keep them close

5.Knowing our true strength:

“We know our real strength when there is only option left to us is being strong”.

When you fail you need to prepare yourself be strong enough to fight again. You have to push your limits. To achieve what you don’t have you need work like never before. When you bounce back you need to have core strength to reach the new height of success. There is turning point in everyone’s life the day you get to know your true strength.

6.Being optimistic

Till now I also believed that it’s bookish approach.

But when I myself applied its in real life, it started changing my  life.

It changes the way you see at life. We need to understand that there is always something positive in all situation.

When we fail we need to understand our mistakes and make efforts with all our strength so we can achieve our goal.

7. Technically sound

One of reasons for being failed is there is some defect in our techniques. We need to be strong conceptually and fine tune our technique to reach our goals.

And experiment with our techniques and ways till we get them right.


Failure or success, neither life begins with them nor it ends with them.

Lets not take failure to our heart and success to our mind.

Life begins with breath and ends with it, so………

“Take a deep breath and do what needs to be done.”

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– Takshil Shah.

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