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How to get over a breakup:Chicken Soup for healing a broken heart

Every person goes through phase of being in love at some or other point of time or at least this is what people think at some point of their lives that they are in love and after the break up the love ends , however, the fact is that we are always in love till the time we leave this world.

Love can be with anyone and everyone Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Friend as well as a person who is of opposite sex.

Although the relationship with our family is full of love,  and never one sided, still many of us forget them to be with their girlfriends or boyfriends.

Whereas some on getting betrayed don’t think about moving on in life in spite of having full support of their families, Many try to commit suicide.

Is it the correct idea to commit suicide?

Breaking up may be because of betrayal or one person realising that the two people are not compatible with each other or misunderstandings created by a third person

© Nevit Dilmen [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (],
© Nevit Dilmen [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (],
A breakup can be bad and terrible especially when someone dumps us but is it that bad really? in fact the our ex-partner never really deserved us, however there are n number of benefits, so all those who are sad should read below benefits and never think of doing anything that takes them away from their loved ones or themselves:

The top 10 benefits of a breakup in a relationship are here for you:-

1. Sweet, sweet freedom.

Now that you no longer have a significant other to think about, you can make major life choices based on your own wishes, goals, and reasoning. You no longer have to cater to their preferences. You can move cities for a new job, choose to take a vacation in a spot they would have hated, or paint the living room in their least favourite colour. Think of the possibilities!

2. More space.

If you’ve been living with someone, you might be amazed at just how much space you find freed up once they’ve gone. You’ll have more room in the wardrobe, the bathroom cabinet — just about everywhere!

3. No more pretending to like their awful friends and annoying relatives.

Did they have a really irritating best friend or a bigoted mother? Good news — you’ll no longer have to pretend to get along with these people just for the sake of keeping the peace. You can spend that time with your own friends and relatives instead — you know, the people you actually like (or at least know how to handle).

4. No more wondering when everything will end.

The final weeks or even months of a relationship can be exhausting. You can be caught up in endless rumination, wondering how everything will end. You can become very tense and stressed, bracing yourself for the demise of the relationship. Although the breakup can be agonising, at least you no longer have to wait for something to happen.

5. You will become more empathetic.

There’s nothing quite like heartbreak to make you more sensitive to the trials and tribulations going on in the world around you. You will find that your loved ones will probably feel inclined to share their own stories with you. Not only will this mean you feel less alone, but it will also remind you that everyone faces difficult periods in their lives.

6. Post-breakup energy.

After the initial slump, during which you feel as though you simply want to sit on a sofa and stuff your face with ice cream, many people actually feel a renewed sense of energy and purpose after ending a significant relationship. You are forced to change your life radically, and this can be energizing. Channel this into a hobby, new job, or just spend it on rejuvenating your social life.

7. Guilt-free flirting.

As soon as you are single, you are free to flirt or date  without guilt to look for a more compatible partner. You are beholden to nobody and can do exactly as you please. If you haven’t been single for a long time, this may feel overwhelming at first, but you’ll soon get used to it!

8. You discover who your friends really are.

There’s nothing quite like the support of good friends. When going through a breakup, you’ll quickly find out who is really there for you when things get rough. Treasure the people who come through for you, and don’t forget to offer them the same support in return when they need it.

9. It gives you the chance to reassess what you want in a partner and in a relationship.

Being single grants you time and energy to really think about what you want and need in a partner. This will prepare you for your next relationship — if and when you want one. Think about what you liked about your old relationship and which mistakes you want to avoid next time around.

10. You may feel creatively inspired.

Some of the greatest literature, music, and visual art in the world has been inspired by love turned sour. If you are a creative type — or even if you aren’t — consider channelling your feelings into art of some kind. The intense feelings and energy around your breakup may allow you to bust through a creative block.

So turn on some music and groove on it instead of sobbing!

“One life, live it”

Contributed by Prerna & Takshil

Prerna and Takshil are both soon to be Chartered Accountants. They have special interests in exploring the globe, fitness, nutrition, observing human behaviour and relationships, and looking for ways to make them better. they live in city of Vadodara.

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