How to become SuperHuman: the level next of evolution

Future of true human evolution
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Growing up as a child I was a big fan of the superhuman cult, be it Superman, Batman, Spiderman, He-man, GIJOE ( I had a big collection of their action figures) , Captain Planet,  X-men, Justice league ,Dragon ball Z and even the Indian ones  like Captain Vyom, Shaktimaan and the good old Chacha Chaudhry . I used to devour my vacations watching superheroes fight evil on cartoon network or reading comics and waited eagerly to be at my grandparents place so I could watch as many superhero cartoons as I want without my mom scolding me.

We cousins used to act being one of them and fight each other using imaginary webs, power beams, lasers , spirit bombs on each other. I used to fantasize myself becoming a superhero myself umpteen number of times once I grew up.

Well that was childhood with its whims and fancies  but keeping realistic yet saving a bit of wild spirit of good old days, is it actually possible to become a superhuman? It is no doubt that there is something noble, alluring quality in those superhumans, we watch on screens kicking villans.

Lets ponder over…

Now and here we are at one of best times to live in the history of world .There are lesser diseases, few wars, longer life spans, highest literacy rates till date, better standard of livings .More environment conscious , aware, rational, educated, having highest per capita incomes, connected people and so many delightful things happening than ever before  and almost 90 % of the things in world are going well though the news mongers might say otherwise .

Still it is not to be ignored that that there a lot many issues we face that need to be sorted like pollution, poverty, atrocities towards women and children, wars ,discrimination ,corruption, racism, terrorism, etc.  and I am sure that as being the most amazing race in universe ever we shall sort them out soon.

Wait a minute and think that there are many many issues that we have sorted out and there are some more that we need to and we shall but …when there would be no more trouble in world, could we call ourselves Superhuman for doing this arduous feat??

Lets travel a couple of centuries and less  in future from today

There are humans who have brains that can think, calculate, estimate, analyze 10X than those of ours, life spans of 1000 years totally spent in condition of youth and health , who have muscles of HE-MAN ,can lift weight 10 times their weight, run at 100 miles/hour or better fly or still better can transport themselves to any place they just think of and have more tech than we can imagine .Is it the true evolution and can we call them superhumans? Maybe yes.

Now going a couple of centuries back from today

if someone then dreamt of humans who could read words kept in servers a 1000 miles far from their home  on small screen in their hands , do complex calculations in a jiffy, fly around the world at speed faster than sound, not only talk but also see the person talking live situated anywhere in the world, stay connected with their loved ones 24 X 7, watch movies, listen to music played by the best artists around the world at any time of day, can cure themselves of fatal diseases like cancer ,TB, pneumonia, fatal wounds, heart attacks , paralysis , change their organs, live a large part of their lives healthy  and there is so much much more that technology does for us today.

Wouldn’t they call us Superhuman already?

Have we really evolved to being superhumans?, we have technology and capabilities that the best of science fiction writers couldn’t even imagine a century back.   Still we are a way far from being Superhumans.

We can conclude here that though technology gives us superhuman capabilities ,it still does not make us superhuman. The answer lies somewhere else.

The question then is what does it really mean to be a superhuman and how to become one ?and is it actually possible?

Who is a Superhuman?

The story of a superhuman in any comics or movies or epic goes like this:-

A Superhuman was a normal human before, who achieves supernatural abilities by accident or by training, which is far beyond the average human  , which he then uses for a great cause.

From above definition we can take down the basic qualifications for becoming a superhuman:

-A nice guy, who sucks at a lot of things, loses more than he wins.

-Achieve supernatural abilities through strenuous training (we won’t consider accident here)

-Serves a noble cause .

Where does the secret knowledge of being a superhuman lie?

There is a beautiful comic book series called Amar Chitra Katha ( Immortal Captivating Stories) .It  is one of India‘s largest selling comic book series, with more than 90 million copies sold in 20 Indian languages.[1] Founded in 1967, the imprint has more than 400 titles that retell stories from the great Indian epics, mythology, history, folklore, and fables in a comic book format. As a child my mother brought a lot of them for me.

They tell stories about lives of Shivaji, Saint Kabir, Guru Nanak, Swami Vivekananda, Ashoka, Jesus, Buddha and more  .Growing up I later dwelled more on the lives of Theodor Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, Seneca, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Einstein ,Lincon and other great luminaries.

The above qualifications were possessed by all above them and believe it or not they have faced more troubles than you and I can empathize with , comming out BETTER, WISER and STRONGER saving the world or some small part of it in one way or another.

These are the real Superhuman and not the ones we see in comics and Hollywood movies nor the ones technology would create a few decades or a century later and the secret knowledge of evolving from a human to super human lies in the stories of these great men.

How to become a super human?

Taking a closer look

Theodore Roosevelt: Wise man, legendary fitness enthusiast and great at being president of America.

Mahatma Gandhi: Indeed he was one of the wisest man on earth, was known for his long walks and

Efforts and experiments with nutrition, yoga, daily habits, and no doubt the most innovative and upbeat social and political reformer of modern times.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam: Strenuously pursued wisdom, used to walk 5 miles a day and one of the best missile scientist’s and presidents of India.

There are 3 things we can find common and the secret key to this evolution from human to Superhuman from the lives of above:-

  1. Continuous and planned pursuit of Wisdom and morals.

-This is the most important part.

-If done well all other parts will align.

-If we have this we shall have it all and if we don’t even having all will not suffice.





2.Taking conscious efforts to keep them in good health and achieving an above average level of fitness.

-We need our bodies to be good condition to keep us well through the long journey.

-A strong body obeys weak body orders.

-Achieve fitness to live well, long or not.


Keep track of





  1. Being good at their profession and constant learning

-A source of our livelihood

-Adds strength and creditability to our words and wisdom.

– We earn our freedom and control over our own life here.


-Study, improve and practice hard skills and soft skills.

-Take courses online or classroom

-Create value

-Innovate and improvise a better way to do the same old things

* The above must be strictly prioritized in same hierarchy to achieve superhuman level of evolution.