Drop hope, Gain peace

Chah mitti, chinta ghati, manva behparvah 

Jisko kuch nahi chahiye , Vahi hai shenshah

– Sant Kabir


Once hope vanishes, goes away worries, the mind carefree,

The one who wants nothing, is the true king.

Hope people say is good thing, The wise say it’s not….with hope comes attachment to the thing hoped for,with attachment comes fear of loosing it, with fear comes anger and with anger comes frustration. 

A frustrated mind shall and can never know peace and the mind which knows knows no peace can achieve no happiness. 

Then the question is why should we do what we do when we have no hope of achieving the desired outcome?

For answering the above question we need to answer why should we do what we do?

We all including the poorest of poor , the richest of rich , the ambitious of ambitious, the happy go lucky types, do things for they believe that they shall gain perrinial happiness.

Perennial happiness is a state of soul but for the mind,heart and body to realise it, we need to be work on continuosly to fulfil certain basic needs.

Some bare minimum necessities like food,shelter, a tribe and a mate.

And we need to keep on working on them  till last of our breath for there is no option but to do so. Though this may seem stupid but if we are dropped in middle of an isolated islands that’s what we all would do whether we get these things or not.

And that what our ancestors, living in caves worked for all their lives and that’s what we all still do, however only the maze of society has grown so complex that it becomes impossible to distinguish them.

Only the way things are done have changed. They used to hunt for food using spears and arrows, we use computers and machines.

The young ones used to train in battle and hunting ,We attend universities.

So if we analyse the above we can see that hope plays no functional role in survival and growth of human mind.

For survival and growth is not our want but our need.

And giving away hope will only help us do it much much better,without worries,without fear and in peace.

– Nandan