Want to catch the most magnificent show on Earth ??

It’s damn difficult to get out of your cozy bed, walk into the chill of the morning to watch a sunrise or make an effort to keep aside your work to catch a sunset.

But once I started, it was hard to leave. I wanted to own that moment and seize it from all the obligations which steal our time without us knowing. I wanted it to be confirmation that I was alive and breathing.

Here are 8 Reasons why you need to catch Sunrise and sunset.             

 1.Get a new perspectivepc: Vaishnavi

When we are stressed, sad or feel our mind in complete chaos. Life becomes a mess and nothing seems right.

What we need is a detached perspective of our very own lives.

When we witness something beautiful we forget about all other things and live that very moment in its whole.

We detach from our own self and merge even though for a moment, with infinity. That is exactly what we need to sort out the puzzle, which life offers us every day.

2.It helps you brighten your mood and feel light throughout the day.

What happens is that, we consider ourselves way too important, as if we are the center of universe and all the planets and stars revolve around us.

Watching a Sunrise/Sunset reminds us of our mere existence in the gigantic play of the universe

And no matter how good or bad things are…..they are not bigger than the cosmic play around us.

Keeping a tab on this frees us of most of the burden we carry throughout the day and lightens us to stretch better, run longer and smile happier.

3.You will find new colors and sounds that you  knew never existed and will make you feel more grateful towards the nature.

Nature has so much to offer, we also have the senses to acknowledge them, but do you?

Every sunrise and sunset comes with its own shades of colors, sounds and moods.

It’s a painting god himself paints to show his children that whatever your pains and suffering are, the world I have made is still a very beautiful place.

4.Every sunrise and sunset is different, it will never be the same. Each one of it has its own story to tell.PC :Vaishnavi

Every day when we catch the sunrise or sunset it reminds us of the only constant that there is….CHANGE.

It reminds us that we, our thoughts, relationships, moods, circumstances they all change with every sunrise and sunset.

And if we look closely we shall have a different story to tell for no sunrise/sunset is same nor are we who witness it.

5.It pure bliss to witness the beautiful dawn or dusk. It can be your own slice of heaven.

Many religions preach of heaven after death but we forget about heaven after bed.

There are an array of beautiful things happening around us. A luminous being in all its majesty and glory is waiting to greet us.

It is selfless, all powerful and nourishes us without expecting. Do we need a better proof of God’s existence .

We can get your heaven right here, we just need to make an effort.

6.It is healthy for you

“Early to bed and early to rise, stays healthy , wealthy and wise”

Sticking too our natural body schedule keeps stress and illness at bay.

It give us a blast of energy with an ample dose of Vitamin-D and lungful of crisp, clear and fresh morning air

We find more time to fill out the day, keep our priorities tight and at the same time keeping peace and calm in our souls.

7.Hope and peace

Sunrise gives us hope and enthusiasm for a brighter today and a new chance to live out all our aspirations

While Sunsets are a proof that endings can be beautiful too.

All good things end .We shall grow old, the friendships we forged in collage…shall not be in touch with us and the ones we are in touch with, we shall not have much time to meet.

But that doesn’t mean that all the good things which end should end in despair. The ending can be beautiful too, if learned to let go and accept, they shall fill us with a sweet melancholic beauty.

And there is no better example than sunset to train our hearts to catch the collateral beauty of a sad yet beautiful ending.

8 . It is Free yet limited, so do not miss many of them.

We spend two hundred bucks for a movie and there are still chances that it may not be really good. Travel thousands of mile to reach a beach all littered and dirty.

Then why do we forget about the greatest show on earth happening every day.

That too ,two times a day so we could catch at least one as per our convenience.

And let’s not forget that though it is free it’s still limited.

The Sunrises and sunsets we shall have in our lives are limited and who know the last sunrise or sunset we watched was our very last one.


Now what if sunrise/sunset happened only once in 100 years …what event would have it been then the whole of mankind would have awaited for it, prepared for it and come to enjoy it united wearing best of their clothes and in best of their moods yet with heavy hearts knowing that this is the  only time they could watch the grandest show on earth and no more.

The sunrise and sunset happening tomorrow is still going to be a spectacular as it would have been if it happened once in 100 years.

Will you watch it???

Co-written by Vaishnavi & Nandan

*pc: Vaishnavi

About the author

Vaishnavi is a Chartered Accountancy student. She lives in Mumbai. An avid trekker, student activist, travel enthusiast, foodie, dreamer and a student of life. You can catch her in balcony contemplating the morning sun or staring out of her office window to catch a glimpse of the setting sun.

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