How to always stay high in 4 simple ways

Can we always stay high? how? If we keep moving through life with our eyes looking for dangers and pitfalls and we successfully pass through this journey what do we get?

At the best we would not fall !! This would cost us immense pressure of always looking for pitfalls and we may never see the stairs to climb up.

I suggest if we can really look for the stairs and continuously for ways to rise higher than the worst that can happen to us is that we may never rise!! In the process we would definitely avoid many falls nd fill ourself with hope and strength to rise higher.

Here is how I practise it:-

1.Love to Wonder
We must develop this ability, the perspective of wonder, the joy of life lies in this. Instead of wondering what to love lets love to wonder.

2.Awareness of thought
Being aware of our thoughts give us the ability to clearly understand them and see the truth as it is. It also gives us the courage and zest to deal with and act on them. Meditate not to remove your thoughts but to be aware of them.

3. Continuous learning
Learning is one of the greatest and subtle joys of life. It’s a sure way to kill boredom and keep away disenchantment and aridity.
It’s has to be on two levels:-
Wisdom or life skills or self-knowledge
Professional or hard skills or financial intelligence.

Though in this world all we can learn is a mere drop in the ocean but it would be a shame if we don’t even do that. Learning is easy its just that we need to get a hang of it.

4.Taking care of our health
This sustains and fuels the high therefore Keep a watch on exercise, rest, nutrition and hygiene. Lets take care of our health not so that we live linger but so that we live our lives to the fullest.

So let’s get practising and let’s get HIGH!!