About us

 Dedicated to – Making a better world.

We are close knit group of young and crazy revolutionaries. Inspired to change the world for better bit by bit, day by day.

We believe in illuminating individuals to come forward and make a change in their everyday lives for a better world for a better place.

We do not advise the world on what the president or bureaucrats or politicians or media or the society in general should do.

We hit at the fabric of society ,of humanity , of civilization…that is our fellow human being.

Together we are and by uplifting each other we shall prosper.

And we don’t do this because we consider ourselves the wisest beings on Earth but because we consider ourselves a part of one team , one crew in the turbulent storm of life ,so that we can hold on to each other and rudder our ship to peaceful,joyous and happy shores.

We are on this planet riding through the Universe together.

Maybe you and we are or are not of the same city, state, country, color, sex, creed, caste, class, religion , mother tongue, ideologies, beliefs, customs, traditions , cultures, professions but somehow we all have the same Planet, Moon, Sun, Galaxy and the purpose of being at joy and peace.

You and me are the one universe.

If we would see more the sameness that we share then their would be no reason for conflict as though the number of things same between us are less, the differences are mere trivial and non-existing  as compared to the pursuits we have common.

Our lives and destinies are woven together like the fine threads of a fabric called life.

So let’s make this experience and ourselves better, wiser, stronger and it begins with you and me .

This journey is going be difficult, complicated and beyond our total control but accepting this would help us survive better the vicissitudes of it.

As Lao Tzu said-

the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ,

lets take it…….…..together.