12 Diamond Rules of Success

“Success always hugs you in private but failure slaps you in public” everyone know this proverb and experienced this situation. This happens with every one (most!!!). The moment we failed we start blaming but actually, if you think and honestly ask yourself then answer is we didn’t prepare according to situation and its true in most of the cases. So now it’s high time we start preparing according to test and situation so we can come out with flying colors.

There are some very simple and basic rules for achieving success. I am not telling anything new friends, if you go into detail of any successful person’s life you come to know that person has directly or indirectly follow all this basic rules and now today he is at peak of his career.

Lets make this exercise bit interesting, you take example of your role model and as you read the following points, co relate them with your role model’s life, struggle, success, failure and all ups and downs:

  1. Find your calling:

First of all we have to find our interest area and try to make career in that field. You have to enjoy your work to get the best of result and wonderful life ahead.  “It is correctly said if you can’t enjoy what you are doing then you can’t succeed “.The first step in whatever you do is to find out purpose.  You have to think about your satisfaction and interest level.  The work you doing gives you satisfaction and you can enjoy your work then its best combination you can get in this big bad world.

  1. Enjoy what you are doing:

There is always expert in every field and once or twice you went to him, isn’t it!! Have you ever thought how he is doing that bloody thing so easily and charging us like anything!! No, we never care to think that. Expert is the same person as us but for him that thing is like cake walk. The reason behind that he enjoys his work. What he is doing he is giving his 500% and that you need to learn from them. As rightly said “pehle apne field ke pakke khiladi to bano, sab tumhe milega.” 

  1. Technically strong:

People who are top of town for their work are always technically very sound. For doing miracles which are impossible for others you need to be technically correct and alert to every minute details of it. There are always small-small things that matters in successful and unsuccessful person. Successful person are very much observant in minute details of their work.

  1. Smart work:

According to me when you enjoy what you are doing you don’t really give it a damn whether its hard or smart work. So when you love your work you don’t get tired, instead you feel fresh by doing it. Working over 14 hours gives you new confidence and new energy. So now you know there is no hard work when you love your work isn’t it!!!

  1. Be Flexible:

Flexible!!! Yes, guys you need to be flexible not in a way for setting target but for reaching there. Say you have target but you failed once so now what you will do? You need to think for other alternative, you need to make other plan and try once again to achieve it. “If plan A doesn’t work then you have 25 other alphabets” you must have heard it mates now apply it.

  1. Continuous improvement:

Remember one thing always guys your competition is with a person you were yesterday and you need to improve always. To grow and shine always you need to learn always, you need to update with new technologies and you methods of working. (isn’t it same as your phone). There is always scope of improvement even if you are at peak of your career, still you can observe and find your mistakes, then improve.

  1. Challenge yourself/leave your comfort zone:

If you need to grow, you need to challenge yourself by pushing your limits. You need to be better then yesterday. There is famous saying “Don’t tell me sky is the limit when there are footmarks on moon.” One thing is very important to grow and be successful you need to leave your comfort zone and give yourself some pain so that you can grow with infinite speed. Your vision is very much important to succeed in anything.

  1. Work for meaning, not money:

It has been said by our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi and he nailed it, isn’t it!! People who are pinnacle of their career has always said this you need to work to add meaning to your life or to give purpose to life of others. When you work only for money you can become rich but not wealthy. Wealth comes from giving not only earning.

  1. Be a leader:

If you observe closely to any highly successful person then you get to know they always try to be leader. When you try to be boss your are neglected from your employees mind and heart. Take example of any great person like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Mark Zuckerberg he always lead his side by giving his own example. Basic difference between boss and leader is boss only orders but leader lead from front by giving his own example.

  1. No shortcuts to success:

Shortcuts what the hell it is!!! Success doesn’t come with shortcuts dude. You need to practice for it get your concepts clear, be technically best, ready to give up anything to achieve your target and then only you can be successful. It is rightly said “everyone want to be successful until they know what is takes to be there”

  1. An idea matters:

Every big thing has been started with small idea. Take it most successful companies like Face book, Microsoft or any dam things that happen in the world. The Great Wall of China and Taj Mahal of India built with an idea to do something great. So never think your idea is worthless or you thing useless. Every idea first looks ridicules only.

  1. Learn from competitors:

Your competitors are the best teachers you can have. Their great work motivates you to work smart, innovate something, and achieve excellence. You need to observe them, their minute activities and then do it your way get bigger success than them, but after that don’t forget to appreciate them.

These are a few of important and basic guidance rules to success. I have not taken this hypnotically, every attribute has been taken from interviews of some of the most successful people in the world and I bet that they have really practiced it in their own life and got that phenomenal success.

Best of luck guys, let us give our best short

– By Takshil