What is happiness?

The true and end objective of life as asked to any layman or even a child would be answered to be as happiness or if any other answer is given as money,family or love,if pondered deeper is but happiness.

But what most of us misunderstand or have illusion that happiness is pleasure or absence of pain.

This illusion leads to us living our lives chasing pleasure and escaping pain, both of which depend on our own action as well as on the hand luck deals us with and the risk can never be eliminated at the best only reduced to certain possible levels.

Then the question arises is what is true happiness?

The answer: true happiness is a state of mind , a blissful, serene state indifferent to pleasure or pain , victory or loss, with complete absence of aversion or attraction towards any. The state prevails in strongest of emotional storms, achievement of highest ambitions, death of a loved one or any other life event.

Now the next question is how to achieve this state of eternal blissful serenity while engaging in life to the fullest?

The answer would lie in a strenuous strife to develop and refine wisdom; which is but a truer understanding of the world both interior and exterior.Developed with a motto to enhance and achieve the state of happiness as discussed above.

Every act, thought,  goals, ambitions should be based on the sole objective of reaching this expansion of soul , self discovery of hidden wisdom so to achieve this perennial state.

And mind it ,there will falls in deep crevices, mountains will have to be climbed and to be walked down again, oceans to be crossed and storms to be rowed through with bare hands .

Seems difficult doesn’t it?

We must keep courage because the journey of becoming best of ourselves  is our duty and a reward of its own.

Keep rowing !!