How to Judge less & live free

We cannot avoid being judgmental completely, for it is in our judgement on which we base our decision.

The question is how much to judge and on what basis?? Is it right to be judgmental about everything and anything that comes to our eyes and the time that we give to it?

Most of our decisions are based on “log kya kahenge” mentality. Char log kya sochenge kya bate karenge on which people take their precious life decision. 

We judged people for loving each other, for being themselves, for giving their opinion.

Their accent, caste, religion, name, surname, their  looks, presentation skills, the way they see others, type glasses they wear.

the way they eat, the type of food, type of clothes you wear, brands of clothes, accessories you wear, type of shoe even their socks.

Brand of their mobile and service provider too.

And what do we gain by being not so judgmental??

-Maybe we can be more ourselves

-Do what we really should do without fear of criticism.

-Talk our heart out

-Get better at taking decisions.

– Get more creative

-Focusing on the things which really matter

-Become more calm.

-Have friends who are really our friends and not just someone who looks cool to  hangout with.

-Save time and utilize it on more productive things

-And in the process come to know our truer selves

How to avoid being overly Judgmental?

1. Accept people as they are.

We really don’t know the journey of other people and battle they fight in everyday life. 

We have to accept that there can be other way people can be and can think.  Understanding their view point can give us a different perspective .

2.Get into their shoes

Think what would we have done or acted if we were in the same circumstances or shared the same story. This will give us a better idea of why someone acted the way they acted.

3.Limit our judgement to the objective

Lets say if the objective is to judge a future employee, let him be judged as to the level of knowledge and experience he possesses and not from what kind of family he comes from or what place he grew up in.

or if we have to judge a person as prospective of being a good friend lets judge him on the virtues , personal achievements and habits he has than how rich is his dad or what car he drives.

4. Do not ever generalize

Many a times we make pre-judgement on basis of caste, religion , class, horoscopes ,place they come from, etc.

Like every kid from a rich family is spoil or a poor man is hardworking.

The new generation is immoral while the older generation was classy.

These pre-judgement give us a wrong picture even before we see the picture and heavily bias our judgement.

They are to be avoided at all costs.

5. Love

Being judgmental can at times make us averse to the person being judged. Love is the true reason of why we have, we are and we will exist.

All humans are our brothers and we must co exist and prosper together. No amount of judgement can be allowed to supersede love and this is the reason why we should not have ill will toward our fellow human beings.

Christopher Michel [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Feeling constantly judged is tormenting experience but the truth is We feel judged because we judge

and it’s not people who are judging us but we judging ourselves on the illusory standards of our deluded judgmental mindset.

getting rid of it is where the key to a more better, wiser and stronger us.

-Concept contributed by Prerna & Takshil.

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