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  Aa gaye yaad suraj dhalte hi

Aa gaye yaad suraj dhalte hi,
Nam ho gaye aankhein nam lete hi.

Kyun maa kyun aa gaye tu samne,
Bas is hawa ke chalte hi.

Jab bhej hi diya itne dur tune,
Toh phir kyun rulati hai aankhen band hote hi.

Teri nazdikiyon ko pehan kar jab har subha chalti hu,
Toh kaise hausle mein jaan ati hai ek kadam chalte hi.

Bachapn se hath pakad kar chalna sikhaya tune,
Kaise bhid mein bhej diya umar badalte hi.

Jaha parivar ka matlab sirf ghar hota tha,
Aaj kitne ajano ko apna bana liya ghar se nikalte hi.

Daad deni padegi teri umeedo ki maa,
Jo bhej diya kuch banne ek pal mein hi.

Ha ho Gaye hu badi ab mein,
Lekin phir bhi aanchal yad ata hai tera, teri tasveer dekhte hi.

Bas phir aaj yaad aa gaye tu suraj dhalte hi,
Bas phir aaj yaad aa gaye tu suraj dhalte hi.

– Asmita Vadnere

We all rush to move forward in life, achieve our dreams, goals, ambitions, they are now everything to us.

“banna hai kuch mujhe bhi”

but there is one person in the world who is more happier than us in our happiness and sadder than us in our sadness, guess who?

– Mother

We are starting with our new section on poems, and what better way than to start with a poem which is a tribute to the Mother.

About the contributor

Asmita Vadnere is a joyous and youthful poetess, writer, painter, vocalist, dreamer, thinker, yoga and zumba instructor,student activist, and student of law and life.


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